Teachers In UAE are the leading recruitment agency for Teachers, School leaders and Schools in The UAE and other Gulf Regions

Who We Are

Based in Belfast, N-Ireland, Teachers In UAE are unique in that we specialise in Recruiting teachers from Northern and The Republic of Ireland. We also help to place teachers in The UAE from other countries around the world so please don’t let location stop you from contacting us.


Teachers In UAE was established in 2010 by Ruth Harron, who personally has over 30 years’ experience in The UAE, offering a first-hand account of living and working as a teacher there and has placed select and talented educators in UAE National and International schools.


Following the expansion of schools in the UAE we are looking for highly talented Education Professionals to join other experienced teams of professionals. The UAE offers an excellent opportunity for career development along with an international experience. We have also expanded into other GCC Countries working with excellent international schools in specialist roles. Should Qatar or Saudi Arabia be your preference, please get in touch!

We Are Looking For

We are looking for Educational Professionals. These roles include:


  • Primary School Teachers (Grade 1-6)
  • Kindergarten Teachers
  • Grade level Co-ordinators
  • Vice Principals
  • Principals
  • School Leaders
  • School Counsellors
  • Librarians

Teachers for Secondary Schools including:

  • Maths
  • Science
  • Music
  • Modern Languages
  • IT
  • PE
  • Humanities
  • Drama
  • Art



Some of Our Partners

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