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Our Experience with Teachers In UAE during a pandemic…
We started looking for primary teaching positions in January 2020. We came across Ruth who works with Teachers In UAE and got in touch with her. Ruth started helping us straight away. She was always on hand to answer any question we had no matter how small or trivial, we always received a reply within minutes of contacting Ruth. Ruth organised interviews for us in a highly sought after school in Abu Dhabi and with her help we had secured positions for the coming school year by the end of the month.
Shortly after, Covid hit leading to a lot of uncertainty about whether travelling over to the UAE would be possible or whether our jobs would still be available there. Ruth was in direct communication with the school every week and provided us with regular updates in relation to our travel later in the summer. She always did her best to reassure us and put our minds at ease through a worrying and uncertain time.
Thankfully we were able to come out to Abu Dhabi in August. We love our school, we have made fantastic new friends and we are really enjoying the lifestyle, sunshine and change of scenery. We are extremely grateful to Ruth for helping us along the way and we would highly recommend anyone thinking about coming to the UAE to teach to get in touch with Ruth, she won’t let you down.

Our experience teaching in The UAE so far….

We have been teaching full time online since August due to low numbers of children choosing to come to school. The school is accommodating both blended and distance learners. We have found the online teaching to be very well structured. We use Microsoft Teams for our live lessons and Seesaw for follow up activities as well as a variety of other websites and resources. Teaching in Abu Dhabi is very different to teaching at home. Our school is very large with up to 15 teachers in a grade which makes planning much easier as you are always supported and always working in a team. We receive professional development on a regular basis making it easy to adapt to and learn about a new curriculum.
Abu Dhabi has handled the Covid pandemic well so far. There are restrictions in place however, we are able to live quite a normal life. We are able to go to malls, restaurants, the beach and most importantly brunches. They are very strict on only four people sitting at a table, masks must be worn at all times and teachers get covid tests every two weeks. We feel very safe here. There’s lots to do here. We have been to different beaches, pools, kayaking in the mangroves etc. We joined the local GAA club, although training wasn’t allowed, they organised group fitness classes which was great for meeting new people. Overall we are having a great time in Abu Dhabi and are so glad we made the move.
Amy & Darragh – Ireland
KHDA, Mathematics, Biology

Ruth has been so helpful throughout the recruitment process. I could email any questions or queries I had and get an immediate response. I have found the process to be stress-free as I felt Ruth was always there to support and advise along the way. I would highly recommend using ‘Teachers In UAE’ when looking for a teaching position.


Amy O’Dwyer – Primary Teacher moving to Abu Dhabi 2020
KHDA, Mathematics, Biology

‘ I have been searching for a teaching position in the UAE for some time now and have encountered many recruiters and job sites. With having little experience I was finding the search tough, until I got in touch with Ruth Harron, a recruiter with www.teachersinuae.com. Out of everyone I have encountered she has been by far the most helpful and has went above and beyond in helping me. She has also done this while being a pleasure to deal with and providing a real sense of reassurance in my search. I have personally recommended her to a number of colleagues and would do so for anyone in my position searching online”

– Niall ( Secondary teacher, Dublin ) April 2020
Niall – Secondary teacher, Dublin
Get the ball rolling


Get The Ball Rolling – Mark Dowdall
French Teacher

French Teacher Lina’s Testimonial
Testimonial Mark Weaver

“teachersinuae have proven to be very helpful in terms of assisting those looking for employment opportunities in the UAE. They are not only very fast in regards to answering enquiries you may have, but they are very quick to get your resume in the hands of those who are looking to hire people. I found it amazing how fast and how regular they were in contact with me a mere few hours I finished uploading my profile on their website. Their team should really be commended for their outstanding effort and professionalism.”

Mark Weaver

Mark Weaver
French Teacher

It’s a honour for me to testify of Ruth’s excellent work and quick feedback on questions that I had. I will highly recommend her as a recruitment agent. Not only does she reply promptly but she helps with every and anything that you struggle with.

Lina’s Testimonial “Summer 2011”

I have been working in a School in Abu Dhabi for 6 months as a grade 3 primary teacher. The school is large and has friendly helpful staff. The classes are small and friendly. My accommodation is brand new and well equipped. There is free transport to and from the school. Abu Dhabi is a compact city and a beautiful coast line.

The children start school at 7.30 am and all children are gone from the school at 3.00 pm. My wife also got a job as a full time substitute teacher and she loves it.

Tony’s Testimonial “January 2012”
Happy UAE Teacher Application

Thank you Ruth, much appreciated. By the way I love the new site! Very professional yet user friendly…And your response time is excellent! Really refreshing!

                                     Trisha went on to share her thoughts after application…

Well what can I say, I love this site! It literally does everything for me. I love the “apply for this job” button which is even easier once your resume is already up there. I love you being the person who provides that update and communication between me and the employer, it gives it a very human touch. My absolute favourite is where we can view when and what we applied for, great easy form of tracking in our hectic lives.