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The bags have been crafted with durable French seams, and hand stitched finishes to ensure high-quality product.

They are lightweight, simple and can be easily folded up and stored, with internal pocket for extra storage. ‘Teachers In UAE’ branded patch at front. 

The linen has been sourced ethically and locally from the Flax Mill, Northern Ireland.

Linen is a yarn made from the natural fibre of the flax plant; it is completely natural and biodegradable, it is known for its hard-wearing luxurious qualities.

Irish linen became world famous around the eighteenth century.


Linen and particularly Irish linen produced in Northern Ireland was known as the aristocrat of textiles according to Wallace Clark it was as, ‘strong as steel and as delicate as silk.’


We recommend embracing linens natural qualities and allowing the fibre to inhabit its natural shape and structure after washing!

The bag will grow softer and more pliable as it ages and washes.

Wash at 30 degrees/cool wash and allow to dry naturally… No need to iron or press!

Bag 100% Irish Linen, Straps 100% Cotton made in Northern Ireland.





Northern Irish designer Megan Graham graduated Ulster University in 2019 with a Fashion and Textiles BA.

As a designer she tells a story through her designs by creating a hybrid of historical and contemporary tailoring techniques. This is achieved through the deconstruction and manipulation of historical dress to produce a wearable collection.

Megan sources her fabrics from working mills across Ireland and Europe. Her work is as much about the quality, integrity and craftsmanship of the fabric as it is about the narrative of her collection. The objective is to create a timeless collection using durable but luxurious and elegant fabrics. Promoting quality that cannot be replicated by mass produced textiles, encouraging a sustainable approach to fabric selection.

Megan has worked commercially in Envoy of Belfast, learning about the styling curating and fabrication of garments.
She further refined her construction and cutting knowledge as Designer in Residence at Ulster University in 2019, whilst gaining teaching experience at degree level.

Currently Megan is developing her design knowledge and techniques by studying a Master in the History of Design at the Royal College of Art and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Where she now co-runs an Instagram, live series called Textile Tapes.

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