Schools In The UAE


The most successful Schools in The UAE are driven by talented, dedicated professionals… let us find them for you!

Key Features of Our Company

  • Knowledge of The UAE Educational Entities, MOE, ADEK and KHDA
  • Specialists in The UAE market
  • 25 years experience in Al Ain, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah
  • Recruit for both National and International schools
  • Experience with IB, British and American Curriculums
  • All our candidates take part in an in-depth screening process
  • All our candidates are Native English speakers
  • We ensure our candidates are culturally competent, highly recommended and licensed
  • We have open communication with client and agency
  • Dedicated digital marketing campaigns
  • Dedicated leader board and/or home page takeover advertising on our website at competitive pricing
  • Competitive fee structures for traditional recruitment

Interested in us finding the right candidates for you?

Digital Marketing


 ‘Teachers In UAE’ digital marketing has been developed to build on the services that are provided by Teachers In UAE Ltd. The growth of digital media channels, being assessed across the globe, and challenging the traditional media, enables us to find the right people to fill your positions in a more cost effective targeted way.

Digital Components

digital marketing

Search Marketing

People use Google almost every time they are on line. They use it to go to sites that they visit regularly, they use it to find news about the things they are interested in, and they start at Google when they are on line personally or looking for a new job in work. Teachers In UAE will build search campaigns based on researched key words to target the specific roles that you need to fill.


Content will also be created to inform and educate under the agreed headings
English Language, Interview processes etc.

Creating content has multiple benefits for your digital presence. New content improves your organic visibility on Google, enable you to push out to existing and new customers, and enhances your social media presence, and improves your brand awareness. We will create content for landing pages and advertising that is eye-catching, motivational and prompts engagement.

Social Media

social media

Social media channels are becoming more valuable as advertising media as more data is collected. Targeting people through their interests, behaviour and search activity, advertising on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is accurate and cost effective. Content created for the web site is shared on social media driving traffic to the site and creating new data. Understanding the value of each channel is essential for effective use. Simply posting and harvesting likes and followers is not a metric for success. Content relating to the identified needs as above can be shared on the social channels.

E-Mail and Data

Targeted e-mail, using names and addresses collected from landing pages responding to search and display advertising is still one of the most powerful tools in the digital marketing armoury. At Teachers In UAE we develop strategic plans that enable that data capture and follow up marketing. E-mail addresses collected from landing pages can then be used for re-marketing on social channels, and to create mirror audiences to broaden the campaign targeting.


Every digital activity can be monitored and measured, from impressions on display campaigns, clicks on search and social media ads, opening of e-mails to the more detailed understanding of the consumer behaviour on your web site. By setting goals and putting a value on the engagement, data captured, lead or sale, the return on investment can be determined.

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