Got Some Questions? Find Your Answers!

Am I qualified to teach in Dubai or Abu Dhabi?

The Education Council in the UAE stipulate that a teacher must hold a bachelor degree, a relevant teaching qualification and have at least two years teaching experience. In some cases other teaching certificates are accepted in cases where experience is greater.

Do I need a degree? Or would a TEFL certificate be sufficient? Is teaching experience required?

In some cases, i.e. further education colleges in theUAE accept TEFL certifcates, experience may or may not be required depending on the college or nature of the position.

Does age matter? Are teaching positions available for both young and older teachers?

The Schools in the UAE do not discriminate against age, they welcome both young talent and experienced mature teachers.

Can I teach with my partner in The UAE?

Schools in the UAE welcome married couples and provide suitable accommodation.

Do I need to speak the local Arabic language?

No…it is good to learn a few key words which are impossible not to pick up. Some National and all International schools are taught in English and the teachers are encouraged to only speak English to the children.

Do I have to go for a year?

Contracts in the UAE are almost always for two years. This is because a lot of time and effort goes into work and resident visas. The ministry also insist that details are updated and visas renewed every two years.

How much money does a teacher in Abu Dhabi make? How much can I earn?

A basic teaching salary is around 2000 British pounds a month plus bonuses. Accommodation, flights, medical insurance and household bills are all covered by the school, in some cases transport to and from school is also covered by the school.

Which English accent is in demand?

As long as the English is clear and grammatically correct, there is no particular accent better than another.

Where will I stay?

An apartment block which is owned and maintained by the school, they will organise everything for you.

Is there a contract? Should I sign a contract?

Yes there will be a contract, read through it carefully and don’t hesitate to ask questions. The school will insist you sign the contract but this is like any organisation in the world when it comes to employment.

Where do I find teaching jobs in the UAE?

When the schools are aware of the need for teachers and in which subject area, they will advertise on this website of positions available, this is usually in January/February time of every year, so there is enough time to arrange recruitment for September intake.

What costs are involved in re-locating to The UaE?

Only personal costs, the school organise and cover all costs. In some schools you have to pay for your children’s flights and visas but in relation to your salary, these costs are very manageable.

Are my Teaching Skills from Ireland transferable?

Yes, The schools in The UAE follow different curriculums, British, American and IB mainly,  with all of these curriculums we have found the skills transfer almost flawlessly to and from teachers from around the globe