COVID-19 response from Teachers In UAE

I hope you are all keeping safe and well in these challenging and unknown times! I totally understand how you are feeling as an applicant, everything seems to be unknown at the moment. I do know however that HR processes are continuing as normal in The UAE.

In terms of your current positions that you are leaving and those being advertised, I know how that must feel. It is the same risk as any other teacher takes when relocating abroad, there are unknowns and nothing is full proof but your jobs are as secure as they can be in The UAE if you have signed contracts and have all your documents in place for licensing on time.

We still have so many early years/primary applicants and no vacancies so your jobs are in demand out there! Whether school starts in August or September in The UAE, it will be down to National restrictions but they will still need a full staff for the scholastic year beginning 2020 so be reassured of your path and decisions.

Teaching could however look a little different in The UAE as with every country in The World at the minute and It could be all online, blended learning, or back to normal.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss your situation and share your thoughts!

Best wishes

Ruth Harron