The following link provides guidance on dealing with stress, skills to combat, understanding and dealing with panicky thoughts, behaviours etc.

It is an online free 6 session stress control classes delivered by a Scottish clinical psychologist Dr Jim White.  I hope it may be of use and relevance to some members of Teachers In UAE to share with your students:

The videos are available (from today, via that link) for a few days when they are released:

The six sessions are 90 minutes a session and will cover different topics. Participants are encouraged to watch all sessions, but participants can join at any stage for one or more session.

1.            Session 1: Mon 8 Feb, 9am until Wed 10 Feb, 11pm.

2.            Session 2: Thurs 11 Feb, 9am until Sun 14 Feb, 11pm.

3.            Session 3: Mon 15 Feb, 9am until Wed 17 Feb, 11pm.

4.            Session 4: Thurs 18 Feb, 9am until 11pm Sun 21 Feb, 11pm.

5.            Session 5: Mon 22 Feb, 9am until Wed 24 Feb, 11pm.

6.            Session 6: Thurs 25 Feb, 9am until Sun 28 Feb, 11pm.