Hi Everyone…

I have received a lot of emails and phone calls with last minute applications from teachers who haven’t secured their teaching position in The UAE for August 2020 or have been told at last minute that there isn’t scope for their particular subject at present. I can almost feel the disappointment and elements of anxiety in the emails. I have tried my best to get back to you all personally.

I just want to reassure you, that the international field is dynamic and always developing and changing so please don’t lose hope.

In the meantime while you are waiting for a position to come up, use this time to development in yourself, look out for any short courses, a lot of universities/colleges are offering free CPD courses in different areas. Work on keeping fit, eating well and trusting that something will come up for you very soon.

This is the time to support one another and if any of you would like to share any ideas that are inspiring you as a teacher with others, please share your ideas across any of our social media platforms. You can also find out about our latest vacancies and opportunities by following us: