Best schools in Sharjah

Source: 25 Best Schools in Sharjah – Top Ratings (2017 Reviews)


List of 25 Best Schools in Sharjah (2017)
With a population of 1.4 million (2015), Sharjah is one of the seven Emirates that comprise UAE. Sharjah combines the atmosphere of a modern, growing emirate with one of the Arab world’s most renowned cultural centers.There are 38 accredited Private Schools in Sharjah( مدارس في الشارقة ).

Despite its wealth and 21st century conveniences, Sharjah proudly bears a reputation as a guardian of Arab tradition. Known as the cultural center of the UAE and once named the UNESCO Cultural Capital of the Arab World, Sharjah is rich in museums, historical centers, exquisite mosques and souks (markets) that reflect centuries-old Arab architecture, history and customs.

More conservative than nearby Dubai, Sharjah offers a traditional Middle Eastern study abroad experience in a comfortable, academically enriching atmosphere. You can join locals in cheering on local cricket and soccer sports teams or enjoy the stunning views of the Persian Gulf along Sharjah’s many beaches, while also soaking up traditional Arab culture. Due to its reputation as an Arab cultural hub, Sharjah is also an ideal location for learning or improving your skills in the Arabic language.

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