7 films of diverse topics and backgrounds screened by Sharjah Media Arts for Youth and Children

Source: Special screening takes Sharjah kids closer to world of movies

Dubai: A special movie screening event was recently organised in Sharjah to put film at the heart of children and young people’s learning and cultural experience.

Organised by FUNN — Sharjah Media Arts for Youth and Children, the Special Effects Event (SFX) aimed at enabling, through the power of films, the younger generation to make an emotional connection and to take home valuable lessons, said a press release.

From home appliances, which are being interviewed, and a pillow, which understands how important home is after it elopes, to a wonky grandfather, who turns garbage to miraculous objects, characters of seven films brought together children from different backgrounds who laughed, cried and experienced the thrill.

Shaikha Aisha Al Mualla, coordinator of Business Development and Production at FUNN, said: “Film watching, understanding and making is a fantastic opportunity, and also a cultural entitlement, which we want to make sure people, especially the youth of the UAE, have access to. Any audio-visual tool, especially film, is very effective and plays a vital role in educating societies. Film is a universal language, and at FUNN, we believe it connects with viewers at the deepest levels.”

She added: “Film has a uniquely powerful presence within human existence. It is a vehicle for conveying culture, education, leisure and propaganda, and many important messages — be it social, spiritual, emotional. Young people have impressionable minds, and through the films we screened, we hoped to capture young imaginations with wonder and thirst for creativity.”