Khalifa University

Abu Dhabi: Khalifa University on Tuesday announced the opening of its new micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) lab at its Abu Dhabi campus that will help researchers conduct important studies and experiments in the field of biomedical devices known as BioMEMS.

BioMEMS are currently used as applications in a number of medical areas such as diagnostics, drug delivery, and tissue cell engineering, among many other important medical applications.

Researchers at Khalifa University will use the MEMS lab to create devices that will be able to identify specific type of molecule cells — cancer cells — in blood samples. The researchers will also be studying the origins of those cells by using radio-frequency imaging.

Dr Anas Al Azzam, an assistant professor and one of the main lead researchers, praised the opening of the lab and said its scientific contributions would have a positive impact for the UAE.

“The MEMS lab at Khalifa University is considered one of the most advanced labs in the region in this key field. It contributes to the development of research in the UAE, as it is considered a multidisciplinary lab.


“We find that approaching a problem from a new and unique angle can often lead to the greatest discoveries,” he added.

The MEMS lab will contain the machines and materials needed for the research and development for the devices, including micro-devices, micro-sensors, and micro-actuators.

Dr Arif Sultan Al Hammadi, Khalifa University executive vice-president, said the latest unveiling of the MEMS lab would help the UAE on its path towards its goal of creating a sustainable knowledge based economy.

“Khalifa University has established a number of key advanced laboratories and research centres…those research facilities [and this one] are aimed at supporting the UAE’s efforts in advancing key sectors through innovation and research in a way that benefits the UAE and its economy.”

University opens a new micro electro mechanical systems lab to assist in research for biomedical devices

Source: Khalifa University opens state of the art laboratory