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Teachers In UAE love Twinkl.co.uk’s @TwinklMidEast – for Arabic Teaching Resources

Twinkl.co.uk  have designed Teaching Materials and Teaching Resources for English speaking teachers in the Middle East @TwinklMidEast,  they also have Arabic materials.

Teachers In UAE love this as it keeps our teaching culturally relevant. Visit their website for more details and please comment on your experiences teaching in The UAE and also using Twinkl Resources.

A blog from Twinkl:

Eid Teaching Ideas!

I remember when I first started my teaching career, I accepted a post in the centre of Bradford, which is when i had my first taste of the festival of Eid. Of course I’d heard about it before, but never had to incorporate it into my teaching. Back then, of course, there really weren’t many resources available for teaching about this HUGE event, but now of course with twinkl, all that has changed! This year Eid ul Fitr falls on the 17th July (though this may differ from place to place) and we’ve a few top ideas for how to cover this in class, keep reading!

1) Show your class this Eid Ul Fitr Powerpoint to introduce the topic, there’s some really useful photos and info on there that you can look through as a class.

2) For younger children, these Eid Display Photos are a great talking point, or choose one for groups of older children and ask them to prepare a presentation for their photo.

3) Use this Eid Ul Fitr Display Banner to create your own display, or ask your children to create their own mehndi patterns!

4) These Eid Playdough Mats have always been super popular, and are ideal for a variety of learners.

5) These FREE Eid Mubarak Cards are great for children who want to make cards for their friends and family!