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Ruth Harron 17/07/2016 0

Teaching Resources

Teachers In UAE love’s @TwinklMidEast – for Arabic Teaching Resources  have designed Teaching Materials and Teaching Resources for English speaking teachers in the Middle East @TwinklMidEast,  they also have Arabic materials.

Teachers In UAE love this as it keeps our teaching culturally relevant. Visit their website for more details and please comment on your experiences teaching in The UAE and also using Twinkl Resources.

A blog from Twinkl:

Eid Teaching Ideas!

I remember when I first started my teaching career, I accepted a post in the centre of Bradford, which is when i had my first taste of the festival of Eid. Of course I’d heard about it before, but never had to incorporate it into my teaching. Back then, of course, there really weren’t many resources available for teaching about this HUGE event, but now of course with twinkl, all that has changed! This year Eid ul Fitr falls on the 17th July (though this may differ from place to place) and we’ve a few top ideas for how to cover this in class, keep reading!

1) Show your class this Eid Ul Fitr Powerpoint to introduce the topic, there’s some really useful photos and info on there that you can look through as a class.

2) For younger children, these Eid Display Photos are a great talking point, or choose one for groups of older children and ask them to prepare a presentation for their photo.

3) Use this Eid Ul Fitr Display Banner to create your own display, or ask your children to create their own mehndi patterns!

4) These Eid Playdough Mats have always been super popular, and are ideal for a variety of learners.

5) These FREE Eid Mubarak Cards are great for children who want to make cards for their friends and family!




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Emirati graduates with daughter

Ruth Harron 13/07/2016

Emirati graduates

Abu Dhabi Emirati graduates : Born with cerebral palsy and being restricted to a wheelchair didn’t stop Fatma Al Jassim She wanted to do everything that most youngsters of her age did — sports, adventure and excellence in academics, too.

It was always going to be an uphill task but giving her support at every step was her mother — Khawla Al Sumaiti.

The 45-year-old mother had graduated in 1989, but she went to the extent of enrolling herself in the public secondary school to encourage her daughter. The end result was indeed remarkable. Fatma passed out with flying colours bagging an impressive 96 percentage in literature. Her mother too hogged the limelight by scoring 94 per cent.

“I just wanted to encourage my daughter and for that I wanted to be with her all the way. I had graduated from high school more than 20 years ago. Nevertheless, I decided to enrol again and we both studied together,” said an elated mother, Al Sumaiti.

Fatma recollected her early days of struggle at school saying, “I have been to two schools; one was government, and the other was a private one. However, neither one of these understood my needs,” said the 20-year-old.

The 45-year-old mother graduated in 1989 but enrolled in school again to encourage her daughter who has cerebral palsy


Fatma then decided to change the system on her own and made her home an institution.

“I had to do something because schools were of no help and then I decided it was better for me to pursue my education from home. It was tough because the atmosphere at school and home has a vast difference. However, I wanted to challenge myself as I have always done in the past,” recalls Fatma, who was honoured for her feat at a ceremony recently in Abu Dhabi and was attended by Shaikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

“The success I have reached today goes to my mother who was very supportive from the beginning. Even though my social circle is small, it means everything to me. There were a few who backed me all through and I want to thank them as well,” said Fatma, who has now set her sights on studying psychology.

“I consider this moment as my beginning point and I want to motivate people around me with my accomplishment and want to offer more to society,” said Fatma, who strongly believes that learning psychology would help her better understand people with special needs.

“I want to help people with disabilities and their parents so they could get rid of the obstacles that they would encounter in their way. I want them to stand on their own feet and make everyone watch in awe,” says Fatma, who had earlier shot to fame in 2015 by becoming the first physically challenged girl to do a Skydive.

Then too, Fatma had to fight her way to realise her dream of jumping off a plane. And after four years of persuasion in 2015, the doors of Skydive Dubai opened for her.

“Yes, that was my goal then and I got determined after they shooed me away several times,” recalls Fatma adding, “I don’t blame them as they were also concerned about my safety and well-being. They had their rules and no one would like to take a risk of this kind even though you have a skydiver to do all the manoeuvring with you. Anyways, I achieved that dream after garnering support on social media. You have to keep setting new targets in life at every point and I want to lead by example,” she said.

— Omnia Fahim is a trainee with Gulf News

Source: Emirati graduates with daughter

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New educational programme proposed UAE

Ruth Harron 10/07/2016

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Dubai: A New educational programme to help high school students, who didn’t meet the admission requirements of institutions of higher education, will be implemented as of the new academic year 2016-2017.

In collaboration with Higher Colleges of Technology and the Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ACTVET), the Ministry of Education has announced the implementation of the Professional Achievement Programme to help and enable students who were not accepted by universities to pursue their undergraduate studies and be on the right academic track.

About 800 students have been registered in the programme so far.

Also in news:

Dubai: The schools in the UAE that teach the IB (International Baccalaureate) curriculum have started the process of compiling results of the diploma programme and career-related programme, which were announced on Tuesday. The results of almost 150,000 IB students globally follow the May 2016 examination session. The May 2016 session has an average diploma score of 30.07 points (of 45 possible maximum), with 146 students achieving a perfect score. UAE-based IB schools, as well as others, will be obtaining the results through a secure online portal and begin analysing the data over the coming days. In Dubai, there are 14 IB schools, mostly rated ‘Good’ by government inspectors. Three are ranked ‘Outstanding’. Most schools and staff are off for the Eid and summer break.


Ministry of Education to implement new academic programme to help students complete their university studies

Source: New educational programme proposed for high school students

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Kids curl up with a good book this summer

Ruth Harron 08/07/2016


Abu Dhabi: Summer break is a great opportunity for schoolchildren to curl up with a good book and strengthen their reading skills further, school leaders in the capital said. Even in the digital age, there is much room for holding and reading an actual book, they stressed, adding that children can however choose to read up on the topics and subjects they find most engaging.

With 2016 declared as the Year of Reading in the UAE, many schools have already taken measures to encourage the positive habit among their pupils and parents can use the summer holidays to encourage their offspring to spend some hours every day reading.

“There is no doubt that the more children read, the better they will be able to write and learn,” Paul Abraham, principal at the Virginia Private School, told Gulf News. The American curriculum school currently enrols children from kindergarten to Grade 6.

“This year, we established a reading programme that had children regularly borrow books from libraries and discuss what they had read afterwards. So as pupils head home for the summer break, we are encouraging them to keep up the habit. Once they are back, we will have long, fruitful discussions and organise presentations about what they have learnt,” Abraham added,

Brandan Law, headmaster at Cranleigh School Abu Dhabi that enrols about 700 pupils and follows the English National Curriculum, said the school would also continue with its year-long programme to encourage reading.

Reading is part of the daily fabric of life at Cranleigh. As a further push, we set up an initiative to have the pupils take selfies that show them reading in a variety of places. We received really interesting photos, including some with children reading at the beach or underwater,” he said.

“So we have told pupils to continue reading wherever they can during the summer, and take some selfies while they’re at it. Once they are back from the break, we will have a competition for the most unusual places they have read in, and also track the variety of places where Cranleigh pupils have immersed themselves into a book,” Law added.

Dr Rishi Padegaonkar, principal at Indian curriculum school Bright Riders, encouraged parents to discuss the books their children read with them. What impressed them about the plot? Which character did they find most appealing and why? Probing aspects such as these will help children to think about what they have read.

“[It] helps children internalise what they learn from their reading, make the activity more fun and also help them absorb the values and lessons the book delivers. In the digital age where screens capture children’s interest quicker than books, such discussion is necessary,” Dr Padegaonkar said.

With regard to book recommendations, the leaders added that children should be able to follow their own specific interests.

“I don’t think we should be hung up on getting children to read a specific set of books. A simple activity outdoors can perhaps interest a child in nature, and this might be the most engaging topic for them to read up on,” Law said.

Abraham added that some books are timeless classics, like the ‘Curious George’ series or the ‘Dr Seuss’ books, and they still engage today’s children.

School leaders encourage children to continue reading during their summer break in the Year of Reading

Source: Get kids to curl up with a book this summer

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DP World Grants Emirates Youth Council

Ruth Harron 05/07/2016

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DP World grants Emirates Youth Council Dh367,000Dubai: Global trade enabler DP World has given a grant of $100,000 (Dh367,000) to the Emirates Youth Council to help Emirati youth shape a bright and sustainable future for the UAE and contribute to achieving UAE Vision 2021.

The announcement of the grant was made at the first Strategic Youth Circle organised by the Dubai Youth Council, the executive arm of the Emirates Youth Council and hosted by DP World earlier this week.

The grant aims to empower local talent and build a next generation of UAE’s leaders.

Minister of State for Youth Shamma Suhail Faris Al Mazroui, said: “The UAE government seeks to enable our young people and provide them with all possible opportunities to participate in the development of the country and in achieving the goals of UAE vision 2021.”

She commended DP World’s backing of the Youth Council adding that it is a notable example of how leading businesses are major supporters of young people playing a vital role in shaping a bright and sustainable future.

The Strategic Youth Circle, which was held under the theme of ‘Emirati Youth Strategy: Enabled Youth, Sustainable Future’, provided participants a platform to express their views on three major topics — expectations of the national Youth Strategy, how it will serve their future needs and the role of public and private organisations in activating long-term youth participation.

The structure of new strategic plans, challenges facing today’s youth and factors that will enable them to take an active role in shaping the future of the country were also discussed, including the most effective solutions to major issues faced by Emirati youth and the initiatives they would want the government to launch.

Sultan Ahmad Bin Sulayem, DP World Group chairman and CEO, said one the main objectives of youth councils is to create a communications platform between young people, government and business, to get to know their aspirations and involve them in the decision-making processes.

“The nature of work in our sector is changing like never before and this grant is a reflection of the trust we have in young people to shape the future of world trade. We believe in creating the future, now and we’re working towards building a pool of trained and qualified talent to drive innovation and service excellence in our industry,” he said.

“We have a 37,000-strong international workforce and are very diverse with locations across six continents. We have maintained our focus on training and the development of nationals to equip them with the tools for success. DP World is great place for them to grow and achieve their full potential,” he added.

Jamal Majid Bin Thaniah, DP World vice-chairman, said DP World’s involvement goes beyond financial support and will include passing on its industry experience and knowledge to the leaders of tomorrow.

“Undergraduate and postgraduate students will have the opportunity to learn what happens at the centre of world trade with training programmes and internships at DP World Head Office and across our regions,” he said.

The grant aims to empower local talent and build the next generation of UAE s leaders

Source: DP World grants Emirates Youth Council Dh367,000

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Grade 12 top performers honoured

Ruth Harron 30/06/2016

Grade 12

Abu Dhabi: Their faces gleaming, a total of 150 high-performing students strode up to the stage to collect their certificates. They were feted in the capital on Wednesday for topping the Grade 12 exams under the UAE Ministry of Education (MoE) curriculum for the 2015-2016 school year.

The ceremony was held at the Emirates Palace Hotel, and was graced by Shaikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

“Given all the accolades we are receiving, I am happy I put in the effort and achieved these grades,” Razan Al Kaabi, Emirati topper in the Science stream, told Gulf News. Al Kaabi, who graduated from Al Shifa Bint Abdullah Girls School in Sharjah, scored 99.2 per cent.

Maryam Al Kindi, who scored 98.4 per cent in the Science stream, was also delighted.

“My family is so proud of me, and today, I received the prize with all of my eight siblings and my parents present. It is a special moment,” said the 18-year-old Emirati topper from Al Itqan School in Fujairah.

Abdul Rahman Al Amadi, who graduated from Mohammad Bin Rashid School in Dubai, was overwhelmed.

“I can’t find words to express my joy. This is a motivation for me to do more, and to take responsibility for the next generation. I want to study chemical engineering abroad. For today, my family is really happy, especially my mother,” he said .

Other top education officials were also present, including Hussain Ebrahim Al Hammadi, Minister of Education, and Dr Ali Al Nuaimi, director-general of the Abu Dhabi Education Council.

As reported by Gulf News last month, more than 33,300 appeared for the Grade 12 MoE curriculum final exams this year. Results were released earlier this month, and His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, personally called the four toppers and informed them of their grades on June 15. They were Syrian pupil Hajar Al Qutaifan, who stood first overall with 99.9 per cent, Egyptian Israa Ebrahim, who came first in the Literature stream with 99.3 per cent, Razan Al Kaabi, Emirati Science stream topper with 99.2 per cent and Wafa Al Yamahi, Emirati topper in the Literature Stream who scored 99 per cent.

All pupils from across the UAE who scored 98 per cent or more, as well as three special needs pupils who attained 95 per cent or more, were then recognised for their achievements on Wednesday. They received certificates of appreciation, and cash grants of Dh20,000 each. A number of scholarships at UAE-based universities were also announced.

According to Emirates News Agency (WAM), the high-performing pupils were last week invited to a reception by His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces. The reception was held at Al Bateen palace, and Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed said that the pupils were role models.

Later in the week, the toppers also attended an iftar banquet held in their honour by Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid at Zabeel Palace in Dubai.

Toppers were awarded Dh20 000 each and certificates


Source: Grade 12 top performers honoured

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Newly-Qualified Teachers N-Ireland

Ruth Harron 30/06/2016 0

Newly-Qualified Teachers N-Ireland

A scheme to replace older teaching staff with Newly-Qualified Teachers N-Ireland can begin the education minister has said.
Under the plans, only teachers who have graduated since 2012 will be eligible to apply for the jobs.
The Investing in the Teaching Workforce programme aims to allow teachers over the age of 55 to retire.
It was announced in 2015, but delayed due to lack of agreement over the criteria, including the definition of the term newly-qualified.
A number of experienced teachers in temporary posts had expressed concern that they would not be eligible to apply for the jobs.
The scheme will now begin in September 2016 and run for the 2016-17 academic year.
The Department of Education said that up to 120 teachers over 55 who had expressed an interest would now be allowed to retire in 2017.


It also said it would spend £8m allowing those teachers to go.
Schools will then be required to replace them with a teacher who has qualified since 2012.
Previous education minister John O’Dowd originally wanted to spend £33m on the scheme, which would have enabled 500 teachers to retire and be replaced.
But revised figures were announced after a meeting of the Northern Ireland Executive on Wednesday.
The current minister, Peter Weir, said that some teaching graduates would be disappointed at the 2012 cut-off.
“This is very good news for those recently graduated teachers who are unable to find permanent teaching positions,” he said.
“This scheme will help to refresh the teaching workforce and share employment opportunities fairly between the generations.
“Whilst I realise that this will be disappointing for graduates who are outside the criteria, without this scheme these employment opportunities would not exist.”
The scheme will run for the 2016-17 school year on a pilot basis, but further funding may then be sought to extend it.

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Top Dubai schools can opt out of inspections

Ruth Harron 29/06/2016

Top Dubai Schools

Top Dubai schools can opt out of inspections
New Knowledge and Human Development Authority option involves self-evaluation and partnerships between schools

School principals at the launch of the abundance group.Image Credit: Supplied

Dr Abdulla Al Karam interacting with school principals during the announcement of differentiated inspection cyImage Credit: Supplied
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Published: 19:21 June 27, 2016 Gulf News
Faisal Masudi, Staff Reporter
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Dubai: ‘Outstanding’ and ‘Very Good’ Dubai schools will be allowed to opt out of the regular inspections if they choose a “differentiated inspection” based on self-evaluation and sharing excellence with other schools, it was announced on Monday.

The option is part of a new initiative of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), whose Dubai School Inspection Bureau (DSIB) rates schools Outstanding, Very Good, Good, Acceptable, Weak and Very Weak, based on annual inspections.

The KHDA discussed the arrangement with school principals during a meeting on Sunday regarding the Abundance Group initiative.

For the first time since inspections began in 2008, Outstanding and Very Good schools who choose to participate in the initiative will be given the option of a differentiated inspection based on self-evaluation, “allowing them to focus their resources on giving back to other schools”, the KHDA said.

Out of the 149 schools inspected, there are currently 16 outstanding and 13 very good schools.

New Knowledge and Human Development Authority option involves self-evaluation and partnerships between schools

The Abundance Group project will see “mutually beneficial, long-term learning partnerships established between schools”.

It is understood that high-achieving schools will share their expertise in various areas, such as language skills or prudent management, with schools that stand to gain from such practices.

Sir Christopher Stone, Chief Education Officer, GEMS Education, said: “The KHDA’s Abundance Group initiative is an innovative programme that will help Dubai’s schools continue to improve through greater collaboration. We at GEMS will support any initiative that works to improve the education sector, in support of the UAE National Agenda, Dubai Future Agenda and the overarching Dubai Expo 2020 theme of ‘connecting minds, creating the future.”

More details are expected to be announced at a later stage. Schools wishing to participate in Abundance Group projects will be invited to attend a “design-thinking session” at the start of the next academic year in September.

Meanwhile, self-evaluation has been part of the inspection system since the beginning. All schools have been required to submit a Self-Evaluation Form and School Improvement Plan with supporting documents and evidence.

Source: Top Dubai schools can opt out of inspections

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Looking for Teachers?

Ruth Harron 27/06/2016 0

Looking for teachers, Advertise with us

Advertise with us


Welcome to ‘Teachers In UAE’, we specialise in finding the right opportunities for teachers looking for an exciting and successful experience teaching in excellent schools in The United Arab Emirates.

Teachers In UAE was established in 2010 by Ruth Harron, who personally has over 25 years experience in The UAE. We have placed high volumes of teachers throughout the 6 years and Ruth is able to offer a first hand account of living and working as a teacher in The UAE.

Make the change in your life! We highly recommend it!

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Emirati students seek a headstart in space race

Ruth Harron 27/06/2016

Emirati Students, Abu Dhabi

Emirati students seek a headstart in space race

American aerospace firm Lockheed Martin strikes deal with UAE Space Agency for four-month training programme

Source: Emirati students seek a headstart in space race

.  firm Lockheed Martin is teaming up with the UAE Space Agency to help aspiring UAE students enter the realm of international space exploration.

In an announcement on Sunday, Lockheed Martin said it had inked an agreement with UAE space officials to launch a “comprehensive dual-track space training programme for students and early career professionals in space fundamentals.”

No start date was given nor were figures outlining how many Emirati students would enrol in the new training programme.

Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, Lockheed Martin is a global security and aerospace company with an employee roster of more than 125,000 around the world.

The firm’s space-related business ventures are vast with Lockheed Martin reporting $9.1 billion (Dh33.4 billion) in space system sales in 2015 “which include space launch, commercial satellites, government satellites and strategic missiles lines of business”.

Space system sales represented roughly a quarter of the firm’s total $46.1 billion in 2015 sales.

Robert S. Harward, Chief Executive Lockheed Martin UAE, said on Sunday that his firm is committed to helping UAE bolster its human capital in the aerospace sector.

“We’re committed to working together with the UAE Space Agency to execute their national priorities and space ambitions. We are excited to help develop the UAE’s most important resource: the human potential that will power the country into space,” said Harward in a statement.

“This programme reflects our support for this sector of vital importance to the UAE. Lockheed Martin has been at the forefront of space exploration technology since the beginning, and we’re deploying all of our expertise from around the world to encourage and train the UAE space explorers of tomorrow.”

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