Head of Secondary School – Dubai:  August 2019

Job Details

Head of Secondary School – Dubai:  August 2019

Function   Head of Secondary School Department Secondary School
Start Date 1 August 2019 Location Dubai, UAE
Reports to Head of School Direct reports Deputy Head of Secondary School, MYP Coordinator, DP Coordinator, Swiss Baccalaureate Coordinator, Secondary Heads of Dept. and Coordinators, Secondary Teachers and Assistants


Job Scope To provide professional leadership for the secondary school which secures its success and improvement, ensuring high quality education for all its students and good standards of learning and achievement.


Main Duties and Responsibilities

Strategic direction and development of the secondary school

  • To provide inspiring and purposeful leadership for the staff and students.
  • To work in partnership with the Head of School, SLT, Academic and Administration Leadership teams, staff and parents generating the ethos and values which strengthen the school.
  • To continue to implement a development plan which will secure continuous secondary school improvement.
  • To monitor and evaluate the performance of the secondary school and respond and report to the Head of School as required.
  • To ensure that management, finances, organization and administration of the secondary school supports its vision and aims.
  • To ensure that secondary school policies and practices take account of international, local and school requirements.
  • To monitor, evaluate and review the impact of policies, priorities and targets of the secondary school in practice, and act if necessary.
  • To ensure that all those involved in the secondary school are committed to its aims, motivated to achieve them, and involved in meeting long, medium and short term objectives and targets which secure the educational success of the secondary school.

Teaching and learning

  • To continue to maintain an environment in the secondary school that promotes and secures good teaching, effective learning, high standards of achievement and good behaviour.
  • To determine, organize, implement and monitor the IB MYP, DP and Swiss Matura curriculums and assessment and ensure that statutory requirements are met.
  • To ensure that secondary students develop study skills in order to learn more effectively and with increasing independence.
  • To determine, organize and implement a policy for the personal, social and moral development of students.
  • To monitor and evaluate the quality of teaching and learning and standards of achievement of all secondary students through appropriate methods.
  • To determine and implement policies which promote:
  1. positive strategies for developing good relations and dealing with incidents of conflict
  2. equality of access, inclusion and diversity.
  • To determine and implement positive strategies and programmes which ensure good student behaviour and discipline and give support and clear guidance on suspensions and exclusions.
  • To develop and maintain effective links with the wider community including business and industry, to extend the curriculum and enhance teaching and learning.
  • To continue to maintain an effective partnership with parents and the wider community to support and improve students’ achievement and personal development.
  • To promote extra-curricular activities in accordance with the educational aims of the secondary school.

Leading and managing staff

  • To plan, allocate, support and evaluate work undertaken by groups, teams and individuals, ensuring clear delegation of tasks and devolution of responsibilities in a manner consistent with conditions of employment.
  • To implement and sustain effective systems for the management of staff performance, incorporating performance management and target setting.
  • To promote and monitor the continuing professional development of staff, including the induction of new teachers.
  • To ensure that professional duties are fulfilled.
  • To participate in the arrangements made in accordance with the regulations for performance management, and to participate in the identification of areas in which the teacher would benefit from further training.
  • To ensure that a deputy head teacher(s) or suitable person, assumes responsibility for the discharge of the head of secondary school function at any time when absent from school.
  • To continue the development of good working relationships with executive management, staff, students, parents and the SISD and wider community.

Efficient and effective deployment of staff and resources

  • To work with the Head of School and Head of HR to recruit and retain staff of the highest quality.
  • To make arrangements for the effective supervision of the secondary school buildings, their contents and the grounds.
  • To set appropriate priorities for expenditure, allocation of funds and effective administration and control in respect of the secondary school.
  • To manage and organize the secondary school accommodation efficiently and effectively to ensure it meets the needs of the curriculum, and secondary community use having regard to health and safety.
  • To work with colleagues to deploy and develop all staff effectively in order to maintain and improve the quality of secondary education provided.
  • To manage, monitor and review the range, quality and use of all available resources in order to improve the quality of secondary education, improve students’ achievements, ensure efficiency and secure value for money.


  •     To continue to develop the secondary school in which all the staff recognize that they are accountable for the success of the secondary school.
  • To present a coherent and accurate account of the secondary school’s performance in a form appropriate to the range of audiences, including directors, academic advisory board, executive management, the local community, KHDA, IB, CIS and others.
  •     To ensure that parents and students are well informed about the IB curriculum, attainment and progress and about the contribution they can make in supporting their child’s learning and achieving the secondary school’s targets for improvement.
  • To provide information, objective advice and support to the executive management and Head of School to enable it to meet its responsibilities for securing effective teaching and learning and improved standards of achievement, and for achieving efficiency and value for money.
  • To carry out any such duties as may be reasonably required by the Head of School or executive management.

Safeguarding Children & Safer Recruitment

This school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of its students and expects all staff to share this commitment

Ensuring an orderly and supportive environment

  • To provide a safe physical and emotional environment in the secondary school
  • To assist in the development of a whole school environment which is culturally safe for students from all cultures
  • To lead in the development and maintenance of a supportive culture in the school that encourages risk taking and openness
  • To develop and implement procedures that support good classroom engagement and behavior
  • To ensure that conflict is addressed promptly and effectively
  • To lead the development and implementation of effective systems for managing the routines and processes across the school
  • To ensure that communications with students and parents are positive and effective, and consistent with school wide expectations
  • To ensure that all staff are familiar with school wide systems and processes as applicable
  • To lead aspects of external accreditation, including CIS, IB MYP and IB DP and Swiss Matura

Other actions – to ensure that:

  • The policies and procedures adopted by the school are fully implemented and followed by all staff.
  • Sufficient resources and time are allocated to enable the designated person and other staff to discharge their responsibilities, including taking part in strategy discussions and other inter-departmental/school meetings, and contributing to the assessment of students.
  • All staff feel able to raise concerns about poor or unsafe practice in regard to students, and such concerns are addressed sensitively and effectively in a timely manner in accordance with agreed practices.


Key Relationships
Internal Head Of School, Head of Primary School, Head of Early Years, Administration Heads, Executive Management, Secondary Teachers, Deputy Head(s) of Secondary School, Secondary Subject Heads and Coordinators, Students
External Parents, KHDA, CIS, IB, other IB schools
Position Requirements
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education or related field
  • Higher Degree such as Master’s, NPQH in Educational Leadership, Curriculum Studies or a related field (or actively working towards one)
  • Teaching Qualification
  • English Language Proficiency B2 level on the Common European Framework or IELTS 6 or equivalent.
Must have skills
  • IB experience (MYP, DP)
  • Well developed technology and financial management skills to successfully manage and lead the Secondary school
  • Well-developed written and verbal communication and organizational skills
  • High level of interpersonal empathy and a willingness to engage at every level within the school community
  • A high degree of initiative and creative thinking
  • Inclusive and balanced management style
  • Committed team player with drive, energy and passion to develop the school
  • Active listening skills
  • Ability to think both strategically and tactically
  • Have high expectations that motivate, support, challenge and drive both teachers and students
  • Sense of humour
  • Extensive international leadership and teaching experience with at least 3 years in a leadership role that has involved coaching and mentoring, hiring and goal setting for teams of teachers
  • IB expert in MYP and DP
  • Experience with regards to KHDA/IB framework and inspections
  • Proven track record of outstanding teaching and in supporting teachers to deliver an outstanding curriculum
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability and desire to work collaboratively with the school community and wider community
  • Proven track record of working collaboratively as part of a team
  • Proven track record of leadership skills
  • Proven record of delivering outstanding pastoral care to students and knowledge and experience of child welfare, well-being and safety
  • Inter-culturally aware
  • Committed to ensuring high standards of teaching and able to model best teaching practice to colleagues
  • Exceptional leadership and communication skills
  • Innovative, highly motivated, resourceful, flexible, self-starter
  • Able to inspire others and passionate about being part of the team
Additional Requirements
  • Any additional language is preferred (English, French or German)


Salary & Benefits The salary and benefits package is competitive and will be commensurate with the qualifications and experience of the successful candidate and is in-line with UAE Labour Law.
Contract Limited Contract
Application Candidates are requested to submit the following documents:

  • A letter of application addressed to the Head of School, no longer than two pages, explaining your strengths as a candidate and why you are interested in this position
  • Current CV / resume not to exceed two pages with passport size photo
  • A list of 4 professional referees with current contact details (position, phone number and e-mail address) not older than 5 years
  • A maximum of 3 letters of reference that may already be in your possession

Please send your application to: ruthharron@teachersinuae.com

Closing date 31 January 2019


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