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Teachers In UAE are recommending for personal and corporate clients for document attestation and all other professional legal services you might need when you make the exciting decision to live and work in The UAEAttesting Documents, attestation

Find Out All You Need To Know About Document Attestation are Experts in The United Arab Emirates

Attest documentsIn Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Educational Council Stipulate that:

Certificates issued from private universities (in UAE) need:

Authentication from:

UAE Ministry of Higher Education

Certificates issued abroad need:

Authentication from:

Ministry of Higher Education of issuing country or equivalent.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of issuing country
UAE Embassy at the same country.
UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Important notes for teachers

A university degree of less than 4 years of study (or equivalent) will not be accepted.
All qualifications not related to education will be rejected.

In Dubai

Well before you arrive to work at any of our schools, the key documents listed below will have to undergo a verification process that requires documents to be notarized by a lawyer, authenticated by the Foreign Office and attested by the UAE Embassy in your country of origin. This verification procedure constitutes the first steps in gaining residence status and Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) certification in the UAE. Please consider that this can be a very time consuming and sometimes costly process depending on the origin of the documents.

Key Documents Needed
Please note that all the below documentation should be either in English or Arabic.

A copy of ‘A’ Level, Grade 12 or senior high school certificate or diploma equal to grade 12 graduation issued by the Ministry/Department of Education or School where you graduated from. If your certificate/diploma was issued prior to 1983, an official letter from the Ministry/Department of Education or school will suffice.

The verified (notarized, authenticated and attested) original teaching/education degree or a degree and post-graduate certificate in education. Please note that we can not employ teachers who only have a teaching/education diploma without a university degree. Read More 

Other Emirates are very similar, please contact an expert at Authxperts for more details

Teaching In UAE

What does Authxperts Offer?

Authxperts provides professional document authentication services. We help customers obtain an Apostille or embassy legalization for their documents. An apostille or embassy legalization certifies the authenticity of documents issued in the country of origin, before they can be accepted by government and business establishments overseas.

Authentication, attestation or legalization frequently involves several bureaucratic stages, making it a tiresome and confusing process. Our experts have dealt with thousands of authentication cases and use their experience to review the requirements for each document. They undertake document authentication on behalf of the client, significantly reducing the turnaround time and making the entire process fast, efficient and effortless. Our experts specialize in the legalization of a wide variety of documents, including educational diplomas, transcripts, vital documents like marriage, birth, divorce certificates and corporate documents of all types.

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What is Embassy Legalization?

Embassy legalization is an alternative method of authenticating a document, used for countries that are not members of the Hague Convention such as UAE. Such countries do not accept or recognize an apostille as a certificate of authenticity for public documents issued from US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Philippines or South Korea. Instead, the embassy, consular or diplomatic representative of the country i.e., UAE in these countries normally deals with the legalization and attestation of documents.

In most cases an Embassy Legalization will require the document to be notarized by the public or solicitor notary (Depending upon country of issuance), followed by authentication from the Secretary of State, the foreign affairs office i.e., US State Department, DFAT, FCO etc. and finally the embassy of the UAE in the country of origin to which the document will be sent.

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